Life Groups  -  Spring 2019 Schedule

Contact the leader for information on the group and location of meetings.

Sunday Morning Life Groups

Meeting Every Week        Time               Leader

Prayer Group                 8:40 AM         Rev. Wiggins   
Radical                           9:00 AM         Joe Hayes
Kingdom Builders          9:00 AM        Various Teachers  
Berean Friendship          9:00 AM         Raymond Phaup &
                                                              Jerry Cade  
Elementary                     9:00 AM         Hannah Wiggins
Upper Elementary          9:00 AM         Joel & Ginger Seavey
& Ana Guhr
Jr. & Sr. High                 9:00 AM         Jenette Jeffrey  

Sunday Evening Life Groups  

Meeting Every Week

Youth Group                  6:00 PM        Lee & Amy Millspaugh  
Bible Study.                    6:00 PM        Pastor Mike McClung

5th Sunday Evenings

Church Family Night     6:00 PM        Derrek Pulley  

Meeting Every Other Week

Campus Ministry           8:30 PM          Pastor Mike McClung
(Starting Sept. 2nd)

Young Adult                   8:00 PM         Lee & Amy Millspaugh
(Starting Sept. 9th)

Seasonal Life Groups

Fantasy Football (Fall)   Online            Derrek Pulley  
Softball (Spring)            Evenings         Pastor Mike McClung

Weekday Life Groups

Monday                               Time               Leader

Breakfast with the Pastor   8:00 AM     Pastor Mike McClung       (Meet at Margaret’s Restaurant)


Ladies Prayer Group           9:30 AM      Various Leaders
(Meeting in various homes)
Current Events                   10:30 AM      Jerry Cade
(1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, starting Sept. 18)
Basketball (FLC)                6:45 PM      Kedar Hodges
Biblical Foundations           7:00 PM     Pat Wannamaker
(Meeting at Pat’s house)


AWANA                              6:30 PM     Ariana Foerster
Youth Bible Study                7:00 PM      Lee & Amy Millspaugh
Discipleship                         7:00 PM      Pastor Mike McClung


Women's Fitness                  7:00 PM      Amy Pulley


Pray & Fast                        12:00 PM      Rev. Wiggins

Monthly Life Groups

Best Years Fellowship        3rd Thursday   Phaups & Cades
Connecting with Seniors         Varies        Vicki H./Sherry D.