Jesus’ prayer for the church… “I pray that they may be one…”

The following are ways that you can be united/connected to the body of Christ!


  • Come Early & Stay Late - Join us for fellowship in our worship venues (sanctuary or FLC) each Sunday morning before, in between, and after each service. Refreshments are available between services at the welcome center. 
  • Service Projects & Life Groups - Get involved in opportunities to serve the church and community. For something deeper than Sunday morning worship, check out one of our Life Groups.
  • Hang Out with the Pastor - All guests are invited to join Pastor Mike for breakfast each Monday. We meet every Monday at the Chick-Fil-A in Clemson - 8:00 a.m.


Life Groups

Joining with others in a small group for fellowship and to study God’s Word is an important part of growing spiritually and connecting with others in your church family.

  • Life Groups are a great way to get acquainted with others and to study God’s Word. Life Groups occur throughout the year and meet at various locations and times. They can involve very in-depth Bible studies or they may be simply connection points, like playing basketball or softball. Please check at the Welcome Desk for more information!

  • Start a Group! Unable to find a group that fits your interests? Consider starting a new group. We’ll equip you with any material you may need and even help promote it to others in the church community. See Pastor Mike if you’re interested.


Serving God in the Church & the Community

Service matters to God and you were saved to serve. God never intended for His people to just take up space.
He calls us to be world-changers!

  • Local Church Service - Get involved with helping to make ministry happen inside the church. Ministry doesn’t just happen. It requires preparation and willing servants. Not all of us are called to preach, but when all of us work together using whatever gifts we have, God can do mighty things through us. Perhaps it’s children’s ministry; setting up or tearing down chairs; running sound; singing; greeting; serving coffee. Stop by the Welcome Desk if you’d like to help make things happen!

  • Local Community Service - Join us for the first Saturday of each month, as we minister to others in the community. We’ll do it from 9 a.m. until noon, introducing people to Christ through simple acts of service.
  • Not So Local Community Service - We recently took a trip to Haiti. Perhaps you might be interested in serving in such a capacity. This may involve cleaning, building, medical, Vacation Bible School, etc. Not all of these will be overseas, but some will. Check out the Welcome Desk for additional opportunities!


My prayer is that this will become a place that you will call home and that the people you encounter in this place will become family!